Here at Creative Content Company we came back to work on Tuesday 3rd January, however we did quietly sneak in on Monday 2nd January to get ourselves prepared for the official start of the work year and we were thrilled to see clients were still happy with what we were up to, the office hadn’t come crashing down as we had been away for 2 weeks and all was well in the world.

Then Tuesday happened and it all went a little bit crazy. The phone was literally ringing off the hook with clients we spoke to as recently as 21st December and as far back as early October – they were all keen to get the social media for their business started now, and by now, we mean NOW!

During Tuesday and Wednesday we gained 4 new clients, and sent quotes out for an additional 3 which are being signed and deposits are being paid as we speak. It got us thinking – could social media be the business goal for many businesses as we enter 2017?

Has everyone taken the Christmas break to look at the goals they set their business in 2016, realised they haven’t achieved them and then re-attacked in 2017, as early as possible?

Was it that the business goal was to get on social media, to use social media more or just grow their brand awareness online? We have been amazed at the amount of new and existing clients that have contacted us for complete website re-writes and social media management for 2017 and we have had lots of queries about social media training and workshops too.

What has been really nice is that it has been a real mix of clients we first met 2 years ago, some we have known for many more years and others that we have been recommended to by past and current clients or just those that have heard good things about us and therefore have recommended us.

If your business goal for 2017 is to be more active on social media or to update your website content then why not give the team here at Creative Content Company a call, we would be more than happy to help!