We speak to lots of business owners that have a website and they have a blogging website; these things should be one. You should always host your business blog on your website and in this blog post we tell you some reasons why;

Firstly, when you blog somewhere else then that website is getting all your SEO benefits. Google robots look at your website to decide where you rank on search engines. The more pages you have, the more updates, the more views, etc will all help towards your ranking – if you are updating the blogs on a different site, this ‘Google Love’ is going to another site, not your business.

Also, most people expect a company to have a blog post, this is where they can find out more about a company. If they have to go elsewhere this can be annoying and it could result in them going back to Google to search for another business that can offer that service or product.

You’ll also find that when someone reads your blog post they will click on your logo or the homepage to find out more about you, but if this takes them to the home page of your blog website, this will be frustrating as it not what they are looking for – leaving them to go back to Google to try and find you again, but they could be sidetracked and find your competition instead!

And, while your other website address may be similar or very similar to your business address and you own them both you may think this is fine. However, by having two websites for yourself, you have actually given yourself another competitor for that top spot on Google – do you really want people going to your blog where they can’t buy anything, instead of your own website?

By hosting your own blog on your own website you will be creating an effortless browsing experience and enjoyable customer journey for visitors to your website and this could really help when it come to turning your target audience and potential  customers, into real buyers for your business, services and products.

If you’d like regular blog posts to keep your blog and website up to date then please contact us directly; as always – we would be happy to help!