Let us start at the very beginning, if you haven’t got a blog for your business website then your first goal is to create a business blog. Add it onto your business website and then follow these blogging goals as listed below, to help you gain more for your business online, through blogging;

Be Consistent

Decide how often you will update your blog and be consistent. Make sure you don’t set yourself unrealistic goals of 5 blogs a day if you only have the time and / or material for one blog a week. Remember you could write extra blog posts and save them for the future so you have some on backup when business is busy or you’re on holiday?

Be Different & New

Try out something different on your blog and don’t be afraid to be different. You could interview your customers or your suppliers and use the interview as a blog. You could compare your products to the competition, you could give tips on how to use your service or product or create ‘How To …’ guides. Don’t be afraid to be different and new when it comes to writing blogs for your business.

Where Are You

Take the time to add some personality to your business blog by talking about events you are going to, how meetings went, what events are taking place in your local area and why you will be going along to them, as well as a review after the event to talk about what you thought of the event.

Enjoy It

If you don’t enjoy blogging then don’t do it. It will be obvious to the reader if the writer does not enjoy writing, so if you don’t enjoy writing then outsource your blogging to someone that does and you’ll have readers that love your blogs and will get to create a strong relationship with your brand and business.