There are so many benefits to blogging for your small business, such as improved SEO at a relatively low cost, updates to your website, things to share on social media, a way to stand out from the competition, to promote yourself as an industry expert and to engage with your target audience on a different level.

However, as a small business it can be hard to know where to start when creating blog posts so we have put this guide to small business blogging together to help you;

Step 1 – Brainstorm

Start brainstorming blog post topics, ideas or titles that you could blog about, think about your clients, why they use you and their pain points. Also think about the questions you are asked and how these can be made into blog posts for your business. Don’t forget, if you are struggling to get those creative juices flowing we can provide some blog topics and ideas for you.

Step 2 – Create a Blog List

Look at the ideas you have written down and turn them into titles; if your idea was to show a small business how to blog better, then you would write the title “Your 5 Step Guide to Small Business Blogging!” for example.

Step 3 – Develop Your Editorial Calendar

Ideally you want to be uploading a brand new, fresh blog post to your website at least once a month as a very minimum, ideally twice a month or weekly. Here at Creative Content Company we upload a new blog post every other day; but we have a lot to talk about and share. Put your blog post titles into the right days, weeks or months if they are seasonal or suited to a better month for example.

Step 4 – Write & Upload

Now you have the titles and your editorial calendar, the next step is to write the blog post. This can be a scary prospect as you are sat looking at a blank screen, but give it a go and see how far you get. We are happy to review and give honest feedback on your blog post, or if you are really struggling we can write the blog posts for you.

Step 5 – Schedule

If you have a wordpress blog then this is ideal as scheduling blog posts is super easy, but if not don’t worry. Just create your blog post and save it to the back end of your website to go live on a set day. If you are creating weekly blog posts then post on the same day of the week and time, everytime. The same if you are posting monthly, pick a date and stick to it as this regularity will help with SEO.

Now all you need to do is share the blog posts on social media when they have gone live, respond to those that comment and engage, then track the success of your blog post on Google analytics or your own website traffic tracking tool.