If you have a Peterborough based business, then you need LinkedIn Marketing. LinkedIn has always been recommended to B2B companies. This is because it is a business focused social media platform. However, it also the place where potential clients go to check you out. Having a LinkedIn account makes you more ‘real’. Therefore, you come across as more trustworthy.

LinkedIn is an incredible social media platform for businesses. It has around 722 million users so chance are your potential clients could be on there. This is why your Peterborough based business needs LinkedIn Marketing. You need to show your target audience who you are and that you are trustworthy.

So many businesses and consumers are looking to support local businesses. Where companies have previously gone to London to get the best, they now realise there are amazing talents right on their doorstep. This is great for cities like Peterborough, and why you need to shout about the fact you are Peterborough based through your LinkedIn marketing.

People want to buy local and support local. As a Peterborough based business you need LinkedIn marketing to show these people you are what they are looking for, and you are right on their doorstep.

Through good marketing and posts on LinkedIn you can increase traffic to your website and sales for your business. You will be able to increase leads and improve your conversion rates too. Through marketing on LinkedIn, you will be able to keep your finger on the pulse with all things business and your industry. You will also be able to create and maintain new business partnerships and relationships. You’ll increase your brand awareness and have a strong presence online too.

By creating engaging and interesting social media posts you will attract new business contacts and potential clients. However, this can take time. That’s where we come in. We are a Peterborough based business ourselves and can help your Peterborough based business achieve more online with LinkedIn marketing. Contact us now to find out more.