In this blog post we have put together your daily social media checklist.

When you are using social media to market your business, there are certain things you need to get into the routine of doing. While some of these things may seem obvious, it’s always good to have a reminder. That way nothing can be missed. This is especially important if you schedule your social media posts. It reminds you to pop back in to the accounts, and what you need to do.

So, here is your daily social media checklist. It’s full of the things you need to do on social media each and every day.

  • Make sure you reply to all direct and private messages. These may not be seen on the main page or feed. You will have to go into your messenger or messages part of the social media account. If you get a lot of messages here, think about directing to an email address or having an out of office that says how long they will need to wait.
  • Take a look through all the mentions on social media. This may be through tagging your business name. It could be through recommending you on another page with just your business name but no link. Your audience may also use your hashtag.
  • Go through all the comments and reactions that your audience have made. Thank them for their engagement by reacting. Respond to them if they responded to your post too. Look at the sort of reactions the post has got too. Too many sad or angry reactions could mean it’s not a good post for your business or brand.
  • If you have no scheduled posts in advance, then schedule posts for the next day or two each day. This means that no matter how busy you get, you’ll know that there is something going out on your social media.
  • Take the time to go through all your social media profiles. Check that there an no issues with them, the photos are up to date, etc. Make sure that they have not been flagged by the social media company for any reason.
  • You will notice that you have new people following your account or liking your page. If it is relevant, follow them back or like some of their posts too. This will help towards building a relationship.
  • Try to connect with one new person on relevant platforms each day. This could be a supplier, customer, client, target audience or an influencer for example. One new person a day, in these areas, will help to slowly but successfully grow your brand on social media.
  • Think about the keywords you want to be found for on search engines on Google. Use these in your social media posts. Monitor the keywords on social media too. See if new keywords are coming up or if there are any trends and news surrounding your chosen keywords.

The daily social media checklist are the sorts of things that we cover in our social media training. If you would like to book a social media training session for your team, or a 1-2-1 social media coaching session, call our team. Alternatively, you can book the virtual social media training on zoom via my calendar.