We have created a series of blog posts that cover blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In each blog post we share some simple pointers you need to consider when creating content for your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube profiles.

This is the blog post checklist. Have a read through the points and don’t forget to keep these in mind when creating your next blog post, and all the other blog posts in the future.

  • The first thing on your blog post checklist you need to do is think about how many blog posts you want to upload each month. We would recommend one a week ideally, preferable two a week, but the absolute minimum of one a month. You do not need to write one blog post each time you need one, instead you could take one day out of the business and write your week or months worth of blog posts and schedule them for the future.
  • Next on your blog checklist is your keywords. You need 1 keyword at least 2-5 times in the blog content. Think about different kywords you can use, as well as keyword phrases and long tail keywords. For example, if you were a florist and wanted to be found for flowers in Peterborough, why not also consider yellow flower in Peterborough, roses in Peterborough, and such like.
  • Where possible use your chosen keywords in the title and also the description of the blog post. This will help readers see what the blog post is about, it will help your SEO and Google will be able to send the right traffic to your website.
  • When the blog post is live make sure you share it online. Upload it on your website with links back to other pages. Then share it on your social media pages, include a link in your newsletter too. Where possible use the blog post time and time again in the future, especially if it is not date / season relevant. In this example, if the blog post was about Christmas flowers in Peterborough this could be shared around Christmas each year, but a blog about roses in Peterborough could be shared frequently throughout the year.

We hope you found the blog post checklist useful. If you’d like to learn more about blogging for your business then please contact us. We offer blogging training or we can write blog posts for your business.