When you pop to your local supermarket you know you can expect to pay around £1 for a loaf of bread. If you then went to another shop and it was £20 for a loaf of bread you’d know it was something pretty special. Or, that you were being ripped off. You know how much a load of bread is.

But it’s not as easy with marketing, especially online marketing.

How do you know if you are being ripped off? Nobody likes to think they are being ripped off. However when you don’t know how much something should cost, or what you are actually paying for then you may be getting ripped off without realising. This is a pretty scary prospect.

We would recommend that you do your research when purchasing things like a new website, blog posts or social media. Look around at different blog posts and articles. See what is needed and what is recommended for your business. Have a chat with people you network with and see what they recommend to.

Then select a few companies offering what you need and contact them for a quote and see what they can recommend. Check out their testimonials, while seeing what they do, who they have done it for and what people are saying about them on the website and across the internet.

Look at the work you like the style of and check if their prices are similar to the other quotes you have requested. If it’s too high or too low there could be a reason for this and it is worth finding out why. Maybe it is a low price because they are setting up as a new business. Alternatively it is  because they don’t need to charge extortionate prices as they have low overheads.

Talk to networking buddies, friends and other business owners about the price you have been quoted and ask what they think. Buying online, digital services is not the same as buying a loaf of bread and you won’t always know if you’re being overcharged.