We are really excited to be exhibiting at the Grantham Business Showcase Networking event with Globella. The event takes place on Wednesday 13th September. Our online marketers here at Creative Content Company love getting out and about, so Grantham should be a lovely opportunity to meet fab new people.

The Grantham Business Showcase Networking event, where you can meet our online marketers, will be taking place at Belton Park Golf Club. It’s a unique concept for a networking and business exhibition event. It brings together networking and exhibiting under one roof. It is also low cost, low maintenance and accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What makes this event different from other networking events and exhibitions is that there are no visitors on the day. Instead of opening the doors to visitors at a set time, they’re already there. The people you will network with at the event are the other exhibitors. This means that you can network with people while others look at your stand. You’ll have everything to hand that you need to give a potential client too.

Creative Content Company started attending these events organized by Hannah back in 2017 when they first began in Cambridgeshire. While our online marketers have attended the Grantham event before, it was a long time ago. Even as far back as pre-covid, if anyone remembers that time!?!?!?

There are still exhibition stands available, so if you are free on Wednesday 13th September between 10am and 12noon, come along. Make sure you pop by and say Hello to us too!