In this blog post we share our special offer of a years’ worth of weekly blog posts. Regular and consistent blog posts are a great way of growing your online presence. By having a blog post going live in your website every week you will boost the amount of content you have on your website. This will help grow the presence of your business online. It will also boost your SEO and help you get found on Google for your chosen keywords.

Further to this, you can benefit from the years’ worth of blog posts in other ways too. For example, they will give you content you can share on social media. You’ll have articles you can put in local magazines as well as your own newsletters. The years’ worth of weekly blog posts can even be used in your email signature or on flyers and printed marketing materials too.

If you want your business to be found on Google, without the cost of paid ads, then weekly blog posts could really work for you. Many businesses say that they don’t need weekly blog posts as there is nothing to blog about. We strongly disagree. Just check out our blog post ideas here. You’ll quickly see that there are loads of topics to blog about for every business and industry.

Our Peterborough blog writers offer blog posts at £40 per blog post. If you need weekly blog posts, they will cost £35 a month. However, if you would prefer to bulk buy, there is a discount for this. If you place an order by the 14th January 2023, you can get a years’ worth of weekly blog posts for just £1,690.00. This is a cost of £32.50 per blog post, equivalent to a saving of £130.

However, if you place your order by 14th December 2022 and payment is made by the 14th January 2023, you can save a further £190 and pay just £1,500 for a years’ worth of weekly blog posts. This is equivalent of just over £28 per blog post. These blog posts will be sent to you on a monthly basis so you can pop them on your website each week.

Before we start, we will send you a list of blog post ideas. You can then choose your favourite ideas and topics and we will work our way through them.

If you would prefer just one blog post a month and would like to pay for a years’ worth in advance, this will cost £396. This will make each blog post just £33.00.

If you would prefer 2 blog posts a month, and would like to pay in advance, we have a special offer for this too. A years’ worth of twice-monthly blog posts should be £840. Instead, we can offer you two blog posts a month, 24 blog posts in total, for just £786. This makes each blog post just £32.75.

These blog posts will be 300-500 words in length. They will be engaging and SEO friendly, including chosen keywords. We will supply you will blog posts titles and ideas that you can choose from. You can also send us ideas of your own.

The blog posts will start in January 2023. Call our Peterborough bloggers now to find out more.