As you may have seen from previous blog posts and updates on social media, I have decided to run a Careers Awareness Day at Linchfield Community Primary School for the Year 6 children who are aged between 10 and 11 years old.

The idea behind the careers awareness day is to show the students different potential careers, but also what the careers involve. We will have the standard and ‘predictable’ jobs such as a nurse and a policeman, but then we will have other jobs that the children may not have heard of before as well.

There are some children in the UK that have parents and grandparents that have never worked and therefore don’t understand why people should work or what it even means to work, meanwhile other children may have no ideas what they would like to do after school, or even what their parents do for a job, while some students may be so focused on one career they have not considered other options so this is a great chance for the students to find out about the greater world of work.

To Linchfield Community Primary School I am taking myself, as an example to all of how the event will take place, and I am taking a policeman, a nurse, an office manager, an accountant, a computer engineer, a warehouse supervisor, a carpet fitter, professional boxer, a wedding car hire company owner, a dog groomer, a prison worker and some more great career options too.

Here are some of the reasons that these careers have signed up for the event;

Joan said:

“I run Brides’ Cars which is a wedding car hire business based near Ramsey.  I run the business with my husband and we have a Royal blue Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II and a matching Mercedes-Benz. When I was at school the only careers advice we had was you could either be a nurse, a secretary or work in a shop.   I went on to do two out of the three jobs so I guess the advice sent me in the right direction!  I’m so pleased to be involved in a project that opens up the myriad of possible career paths for young people to consider.  I hope the advice they receive will broaden their horizons.”

Josh is a policeman and he said;

“My name is Josh Wright. I am from Deeping St James and I went to Linchfield when I was younger. I wanted to get involved in this because it is a great opportunity to speak to the children at Linchfield about the different job roles people have. Hopefully the students will get something out of the day and enjoy asking all their questions and getting to know some jobs roles.”

As you can see, these are two very different reasons for signing up to help at the Careers Awareness Day, would you like to come along and join us too? Just email me at [email protected] to sign up, spaces are limited!