If you’re still not sure that Twitter is really for you then we have some stats that may help you think otherwise. These are some statistics that were put together by Red Website Design and we think you’ll find them quite interesting.

By the way, if you think it’s too soon to be talking about Christmas you may be interested to hear that almost two thirds (just over 60%) of Twitter users in the UK started their Christmas shopping before the start of December and the vast majority of these have been doing so online!

The report found that 68% of Twitter users in the UK are likely to purchase something from a business that they follow on Twitter, if the business is active on Twitter. This means that it isn’t good enough for you just to have a business Twitter account; you need to be using it too and posting on it on a regular basis. We would recommend at least once a day as a minimum!

The report from Red Web Design also found that 66% of Twitter users in the UK had seen something on Twitter that prompted them to make a Christmas purchase. This doesn’t mean that you should immediately take to Twitter and just chuck out a load of tweets with details about your products, but some tweets like these will help with those Christmas sales.

Now here is the exciting bit, 50% of Twitter users in the UK are likely to tweet about their Christmas purchases and if you are the business on Twitter that they have purchased from this customer will be giving you free promotion and advertising among their friends.

Twitter can be a tricky social media platform for business and some businesses will and do really struggle with it. If you think that Twitter could be the right platform for your business but you’re not sure how to go about it then why not give us a call? We would be only too happy to help!