We help lots of different organisations and businesses with their social media management to improve their presence online. We have working with schools in Peterborough on their social media for some time and we would like to offer this service to other schools in the local area too.

You do great things at your school, your students have new experiences and make new memories and you achieve wonderful things in your school; including excellent activities and brilliant days out for your students, not to mention great results and awards.

But, how well do you publicise the great work you are doing?

Here at Creative Content Company we can upload regular posts onto your social media accounts, either Twitter or Facebook on your behalf. This means you can share with parents and the community all the superb things you and your students are getting up to.

All you need to do is forward us the email of your school calendar that includes days out, visits, projects and similar and we can do the rest. If you want you can then add pictures internally of students at the event or completing the project.

Then as and when something unexpected happens just send us an email and we can share that too; things like Ofsted results, exam results, students winning awards and similar.If you’re worried about responding and engaging with those that reply on your social media pages then we can do that for you too; we know how time consuming social media can be!

For £100 we can post daily on up to two social media pages; for an extra £50 a month we can engage with respondents on your behalf.

That’s it, no additional costs or hidden fees. It’s all very simple and straightforward.

If you’re still not sure we are the right social media company in Peterborough for the needs of your school then perhaps you would like to see this testimonial we got from Peterborough School;

“We have been extremely pleased with Creative Content Company’s handling of our social media over the last year.  The posts are appropriate, timely and engaging for our audience and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other schools and potential clients.”