Linkedin has changed slightly. No longer can you message a connection request before connecting to them. In some cases this has meant that we accept requests from some people we maybe shouldn’t. We then send a message saying we have accepted the connection request, asking how they are and then how we can help or why they chose to connect with us.

Earlier this month we received two connection requests and accepted them both. We then sent a friendly Linkedin message to find out more about who they were and why they wanted to connect with us.

One person replied with the following Linkedin message;

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for connecting on Linkedin. Just a quick question…do you have any remortgage due for renewal Now or soon ? We can have a great mortgage broker call you to sort out your requirement. Let me know below info and i’ll arrange a top broker call you shortly:- 1- Remortgage Or New house ? 2- Keep your Mobile number ?

Regards, Virginia

The other person replied with this Linkedin message;

Hi Hazel,

Happy to connect with you, Just a quick one…Is your remortgage due for renewal soon ? We can have a TOP mortgage broker call you with better rate possible,just share below info to talk with them:- 1: Remortgage OR purchase/BTL ? 2: Phone number ?

Regards, Tacara,

Needless to say no response was sent and we quickly disconnected with them and reported the accounts to Linkedin.

But it got us thinking. How often would an email like this really work? We didn’t respond to the email, would you?

Perhaps if they spent a little more time getting to know us we may have considered their services or offered them to someone that needed them.

Or is this just a numbers game and sometimes you get lucky?

Either way surely the best way is to have a conversation with the person you want to connect with? Talk to them, ask questions and engage – don’t just go straight in for the kill.