I am really excited to confirm that I will be running a project with Linchfield School for their older students (Years 5 and 6) in regards to careers awareness. This will be a similar event to the VisionShift project I run at Peterborough Prison, but on a much smaller scale.

I will be taking people from 10 different professions into the school, each will have a group of 6-8 students who will ask them set questions about their name, the company they work for, what they wanted to do when they were younger, what skills and qualifications they need to do that job, how long they have been doing the job and such like.

There are lots of children out there that aren’t aware of the wider circles of careers as a whole. They understand their parents job and think they will follow their parent doing what they do, or they will be a footballer / actor / singer / Big Brother star. Meanwhile other students will not have parents that work and don’t understand what it means to work or the sort of job they could have.

We will be presenting a selection of careers, such as myself as a business owner, a nurse, a police person, a fire person, a footballer, someone from Tesco, a warehouse person, an accountant and similar. The traditional sorts of jobs that children may have heard of, and the sort of careers that could be available to them.

We will also discuss the importance of more than one job / career in life and that few people choose one job and stay in it for life.

The skills we will talk about are things like maths, English and communication so students can see how important these style of jobs are.

If this is a project you are interested in or would like to hear more about then feel free to contact me directly, I would be more than happy to tell you more about this community project.