Every person in business I have spoken to about how things are going has mentioned ChatGPT. There seems to be a real fear that this is mass-murderer out after me. My friends in business are scared for my life. However, I’m not. ChatGPT isn’t going to kill bloggers. It may make some waves for a bit, but it really isn’t going to be the serial killer of business bloggers.

There is no getting away from the fact that ChatGPT is a powerful language model. It can answer a wide range of questions and generate text based on what it finds. However, what ChatGPT will not do is replace the human voice. It can’t replicate the tone or voice of a business. When you use ChatGPT for your business blog posts you are losing the unique and engaging voice that brings your target audience into your business.

While ChatGPT will not kill bloggers, it could kill the blogs of some businesses. If business owners rely on ChatGPT for their entire blog posts then they will lose that personal touch. In turn, they will lose the connection with their audience.

In addition to this, Google and other search engines still value content that is of high-quality and original. The content also needs to be enjoyed by the reader, engage with them and be useful too. This are all things that ChatGPT currently can’t do, which is why we aren’t concerned that ChatGPT is out to kill our Peterborough bloggers.

It is important to note that ChatGPT is a useful tool for many. If you can’t bear the blank white page when it comes to writing a blog, then you’ll find it useful. ChatGPT can generate ideas for blog posts or give you topics for your blogs. However, it can’t replace the human voice and tone that connects your business with your target audience.

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