Many web designers in Cambridgeshire do not have copy writers or content writers in their teams and this can mean that projects take longer than they should, meaning that payment for the website is delayed as it’s taking longer for the website to be completed.

Here at Creative Content Company we can work under your company name, speaking to clients as ‘Hazel’ from your company name (for example). We will take the information we need for the website from yourself or your client and then within a week we can do SEO friendly content for up to 20 pages within one week.

What are the Benefits of Website Designers Working With Content Writers Like us?

  • We can do the content on your client’s behalf, therefore speeding up the project and getting you paid quicker.
  • We offer a lower price to web designers allowing you to put a mark-up on the content we do for you.
  • Some web designers charge a one off fee for a website, but with our blogging service, you can receive a small monthly amount from clients, based on a mark up on our blogging service. All you need to do is upload the blog posts.
  • We offer a friendly approach and don’t baffle clients with jargon, instead we explain what we need and why and then create SEO friendly content for them.
  • We can do the content for you so you have one less job to do and can focus on what you’re great at.
  • We can make your clients happy by creating engaging, SEO friendly content for them.

If you’re a web designer looking to speed up your projects, help your clients achieve more from their website, increase income to your business and make your clients happier with your service then why not give us a call?

We can help your business become a one stop shop for SEO friendly websites that are complete and ready to use.