Many people think that business owners set up their own business because they are in it for the money; this really isn’t the case when it comes to many business owners and it is especially not the case for Hazel Cottrell, the founder and owner of Creative Content Company.

Hazel set up Creative Content Company because she no longer enjoyed making big companies bigger and rich people richer, Hazel wanted a real impact on a business. To meet the business owner, learn about them and their dreams for the business as well as their own dreams for themselves.

Hazel wanted close working relationship with her clients and for them to be able to feel comfortable contacting her with any queries they may have or to update her on how things were going in the business, to ask advice and guidance while sharing good and bad business news.

Professional is not the right word, but it works in this context – Hazel would not class herself as a stereotypical professional business owner instead she is friendly, engaging, helpful and approachable. Hazel will take the time to meet business owners, offer free website reviews for new or start-up businesses and take the time to promote or recommend business owners who she meets, likes and trusts.

Creative Content Company definitely wasn’t set up as a way to earn a quick buck, if it was things would be done very differently. Although the business was in profit from day one (back in September 2013), it definitely wasn’t an amount of money that could be easily lived on and this was why Hazel worked as a waitress and bar maid in Peterborough as she set the business up – not only did this mean that Hazel knew the rent and bills were covered it also meant that she could work with clients she wanted to.

Hazel does not say Yes to every client who contacts the business, we choose to work with people we like and businesses or brands that we like the idea of – that’s the benefit of running your own business really.

The thing is, here at Creative Content Company we feel that we have to like something before we can promote it – if we don’t like the client, the product, service or brand we won’t work with the client because we don’t feel we can fairly sell and be passionate about something we don’t believe in.

That is our way of doing business and while we know it won’t make us billions of pounds, we do know it will make us happy and our clients happy too.