There are lots of social media platforms out there and you can’t use them all; you just wouldn’t have the time! In this blog post we look at the reasons you should use Linkedin for your business as one of the social media platforms you choose to focus on for your business.

Linkedin is good for Business to Consumer, but it is absolutely amazing for Business to Business. We speak from experience when we say this. We use Hazel Cottrell Linkedin Profile to promote the business on Linkedin because company pages just don’t work as well as personal profiles.

We get about the same engagement on Linkedin as we do on Twitter, but we get the most queries and conversions from Linkedin out of all the social media platforms that we use. There’s your first reason why you should use Linkedin for your business!

You can use Linkedin as a place to increase your branding presence and awareness online, but you can also use this platform to research people and companies allowing you to see the sorts of people you may want to work with or offer your services to. You can find out about their interests and hobbies to enable you to create a personalised introduction letter.

You can connect with existing customers and build stronger relationships with them, while building new relationships with potential customers and your target audience. Also look out for those influencers that you can build relationships with so they can influence your potential customers.

Why not use Linkedin to re-connect with past business associates and colleagues. You got on well with them before, they know you as a person and they may want to engage with you again and maybe work together on specific projects?

You can use Linkedin to uncover potential business opportunities but also to generate identifiable business opportunities.

And finally, you can increase your face to face networking effectiveness by following up on those connections via Linkedin. You can get to know those you meet at networking better and create strong working relationships with them.