Creative Networking has been running for over a year now and we have had loads of success stories with attendees meeting new clients, attendees making relationships with new business partners, referrals and leads flying all over the place and, perhaps the best part, attendees growing in confidence and learning new skills.

Of course we think Creative Networking is a great event, but then we set it up so we are somewhat biased about what a great networking event it is, but actually our attendees really enjoy the networking events we run in Peterborough, such as our coffee mornings, lunches, breakfasts, speed networking events and even our Christmas Networking event.

We have some really amazing business people that attend Creative Networking so when Ellen Jackson, a highly recommend videographer in Peterborough who regularly attends Creative Networking offered to create a video about Creative Networking we jumped at the chance for two reasons.

Firstly, it was a great chance for attendees of Creative Networking to promote themselves and build their brand awareness. We would be able to use the video to promote our networking attendees, but the attendees could use it as well.

Secondly, it was a great way to tell more people about Creative Networking events in Peterborough. The more attendees we get to our networking events in Peterborough, the more successful Creative Networking events can be.

Plus, Ellen Jackson is amazing at what she does so we would be crazy to turn down such a wonderful opportunity.

We knew the attendees loved Creative Networking because they kept coming back and they kept bringing friends, but even we were surprised by the touching things that attendees of Creative Networking had to say about Creative Networking, our networking events and Hazel, who has worked really hard to keep these networking events going.

If you’re looking to meet a lovely bunch of people to network with then this is the networking event for you –

Thanks Guys.

Here’s the video