We recently shared a blog post about the fact we would like to work with website designers and included the facts that we could help them earn more money, make their clients happy, get paid faster and create an on-going relationship with their clients through our white label website content and white label blogging services.

However we felt this testimonial from # was a much stronger reason for web designers should work with us;

“Several times my company has requested fresh content from Hazel, which has been needed to complete client websites. We have provided her with a brief of our client’s services or products and she has composed relevant copy that we have then published onto our client’s websites. 

We met Hazel through a networking event years ago and exchanged contact information, we saw her then as a valuable business to work with in the future. We have not yet been let down or discouraged from using her services, as the content provided is always relevant and researched effectively. 

We work with Hazel on a regular basis and continue to help each other with our services to this day. She has always been a great person to work with and is easy to get along with, further much so our businesses have created a great relationship and continues to develop every time a project is proposed to Hazel.

The Creative Content Company is passionate towards their work and she has always been a delightful partner to work with.

We would definitely rate Hazel for her professionalism and knowledge; we have and still do continue to enjoy working with Hazel on projects and will do so in the future. “

This web design company now offers website content and blogging as in-house services yet still speak this highly of us. We think this is a pretty good reason for why web designers should work with us for website content and blog posts until they employ someone in-house, if they choose to!