We have recently launched a free blog post competition that takes place every Monday, each week a different letter or number is chosen and if your name begins with that letter you can win a free blog post on LinkedIn and if your company name begins with that letter or number you can win a free blog post on Twitter.

But why on earth have we decided to run this competition on a Monday?

Monday is known as the day of the week that people dread, it’s probably the most hated day of the week by many people so here at Creative Content Company we were looking at a way of making Mondays better for everyone. After all, it’s not Monday’s fault that everyone hates it!

So that was why we chose Monday for the free blog post competition – what better way of cheering up a day than winning a free blog post for your business? Who doesn’t love winning things and who doesn’t love free stuff.

We want people to stop everyone hating Mondays – we want people to love Mondays, maybe even look forward to them?

Just because this Monday might not have the chosen letter than helps you get a free blog post, why not help your friends have a better Monday. If Mondays chosen letter is an ‘A’ then tell your friends that names begin with A on LinkedIn that they would win a free blog post – they’ll love you for it!

Then pop onto twitter and tell your friends that work for companies with the chosen letter by sharing the tweet and they can win a blog post for their company too. It can be classed as your good deed of the day and you’ll be spreading the joy for everyone!

Come on – together we can stop the hate for Mondays!