The A14 Coffee Morning takes place every Friday from 9am-11am at The Tap Room in St Ives. It’s free to go along to, you just grab yourself a drink and join the chatter. If you have a hot beverage such as a tea or coffee you get free refills until 10.30am and biscuits or chocolates – but they’re not the only reasons you should go along to A14 Coffee Morning.

A lovely man called Alan, a photographer in St Ives runs A14 Coffee Morning, he ensures the networking group is friendly and laid back. He and the regular attendees are really friendly and welcoming to new people… and sometimes he is nice to the regulars too!

It’s a really relaxed networking group that sit just by the bar so they are easy to find. The conversations are often about absolutely anything and that is why it works so well. This networking group encourages chatter which helps build relationships and friendships that lead to referrals of business.

Alan has created a slide show of the logos of the businesses that regularly attend the group and pay their yearly fee. The yearly fee is just to pay the Meet Up fees, it’s around £5 each and well worth the money. The slideshow is on the large TV screen on the wall of The Tap Room so those networking can see it as well as others who happen to be in the bar at the same time.

I attend this group every now and again, dropping in when I can and it’s always an enjoyable event. I have looked at the different networking groups I go to and although I probably go to this networking group the least I have actually had more work from attendees and leads from attendees than any other networking group.

Why not give this group a try yourself; it can be found on MeetUp here 

Hopefully I will see you there, but if I’m not there say Hi to Alan for me!