You may have noticed we  now proudly display the Latvian flag at the base of our website, alongside a selection of other flags. When you click on these flags you will see a page of content written in Latvian but why have we chosen to add a Latvian flag and a page of Latvian content to or website?

Here in the UK we like to think that everyone speaks our language and that of course is English!?!! Isn’t it? Apparently not, in Peterborough alone there are many different languages spoken and Latvian is just one of the top ten languages spoken in Peterborough alone.

As a social media and content writing company in Peterborough we would love to work with more businesses in the local area and if some of these are owned by Latvians then we would love to work with Latvians as well as a wide range of other nationalities – and it may actually be these other nationalities that need our help more than those that have English as their first language.

After all, we help English business owners social media management and social media posting because they don’t know what to write or have the time to use social media, meanwhile other nationalities may struggle knowing how to get their message across in English – and that is how we can help.

We have translated a standard page of English website content into various common and popular languages so we can help business owners who do not speak English as their first language, gain English speaking customers.

If you think something like this could work for your business and you need help coming up with the English website content, choosing the languages to translate the content into or actually translating the content we can help. We can write the website content in English for you, help you choose which languages to translate it into and connect you with a translation company that will translate your website content into the chosen languages for you.