As many of you will know from tweets, I am a blood donator and I give blood regularly. You may remember from a previous blog post that the team here at Creative Content Company also Blog for Blood. This means we offer each company one free blog post per each person that gives blood (terms and conditions apply); but a free blog isn’t the only reason we think you should give blood, there are lots of other reasons too;

Firstly you get a free cup of tea, a packet of crisps and a packet of biscuits – this time I managed to wangle a Penguin biscuit, which are one of my favourite biscuits!

However; and personally what I really like about giving blood, you also get to find out when and where your blood is used via text. The Blood Donation group track your blood and they will tell you when and where your blood is used – how cool is that?

For example I gave blood on the 31st May and on the 7th June I received a text stating that my blood was being used right now at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, obviously I didn’t get to find out who it was being used on, but I was over the moon to find out that my blood was being used and I could have been saving someone’s life, when actually I was just sat in the Wimpy enjoying a toasted teacake and a coke float!

Today I received another text message, the blood I donated on 3rd October is currently be used at University College Hospital. So while I am sat at work, writing blog content for my clients and earning money, my blood is in London hopefully saving someone’s life – it’s like I’m a little super hero.

Yet here is when it gets even more exciting! When I was giving blood I tweeted a photo and shared a photo on Facebook stating the next date I was to give blood and to see if anyone wanted to join me. Within 2 hours one lady replied to say she was over 60 now and probably too old to give blood (I checked online and she’s not, so she called and booked an appointment for the end of this month) and another friend booked his first ever appointment to give blood for November.

Who knows how many other lives my giving blood could save!?!!?