We meet lots of business owners that have Facebook Business pages but they’re not really sure why they have them or what they should be doing with them. The real question for business owners like this, that we often ask, is “What are you trying to achieve from your Facebook business page. Sadly the answer is often that ‘someone’ told them they needed a Facebook page, so they got one.

Very often new business owners are given advice by ‘experienced’ business owners, they will have tried something or heard that something works and therefore this new business owner should try it themselves. Facebook is often this thing, but over the years lots has changed and even before the changes were made, Facebook is not ideal for every business.

If you are selling to customers and not businesses then Facebook could be the place for you, you have to remember that Facebook is where people come to relax and chill out, not where people want to be sold at. That said there are sellers pages on Facebook, similar to eBay but often for local sales and there are business networking pages too where you can chat to other business owners, share news and ask questions. It’s important to remember that Facebook does not work for everyone though.

I Want More Traffic To My Website

If you are using your Facebook Business page to increase traffic to your website then you need to direct your fans to your website. Put your web address in the profile / about us part of the business page and use the ‘Call to Action’ button provided for free on Facebook for your business page.

However you also need to give fans a reason to go to your website, advertise special offers and new products but share links to blog posts too. You should be writing one or two blog posts a month for your website, to keep it active and up to date and this will then give you more great content and links to share on your Facebook business page. Remember, you can share old blog posts too as your fans will not be on Facebook all the time and they won’t see all your posts.

I Want To Increase My Brand Awareness

You can use Facebook business pages to increase your brand awareness and this is great for companies that sell things. For example, you could use like and share competitions where you encourage fans to like your business page and share the photo and then more people will see your business and brand.

I Want To Increase Brand Engagement

If you want to get people engaging with you then use your Facebook Business page to ask questions, don’t just talk ‘at’ people, instead share things they want to see and ask questions they can respond to. This gives you a chance to respond to your fans, engage with them and form relationships with them too.

When you haven’t used social media before it can be tricky, if you need a hand managing you social media accounts, need social media training or want a review of how you’re doing on social media then give us a call, we are always happy to help!