Whether you like social media or not, you have to admit that social media has become an extremely useful marketing tool for small businesses yet as a small business owner you have lots more to worry about than posting on Facebook and tweeting for Twitter. We understand that business owners find it hard to keep up a consistent presence on social media platforms and that is where our social media management service can help – but why do you need social media?

Social Media can help you raise your brand awareness and by posting daily on social media platforms it means your business and your branding will be seen more, by more people. Having a social media account won’t help – you need to be posting on social media platforms regularly and engaging with your fans, followers and connections.

Social media also has a part to play in legitimising your business and providing authority to your brand because research has proven that potential customers will weigh up brand based on their social media presence along with what they say and do. A lack of posts on a social media account can make the potential customer wary that you are no longer around whereas regular daily posts on your social media account reassures them that you are still going and not planning on going anywhere soon.

We have found that social media allows our clients to connect with their customers, interacting through content, images and clips of interest along with links back to the website. Being on social media will also help you keep up with the competition, whether they are already on social media or not it will allow you to match them or do better – or with our social media management help, blow them out of the water.

Over time a presence on social media platforms will help drive sales to your website, it will take time but the time you put in, or we put in or you, will be worth it. Call us now to see how we can help you with social media management or social media training.