As many of you will be aware, VisionShift is a community project run in Peterborough Prison by Hazel Cottrell of Creative Content Company. It started as a one day event last year and is coming back this year as 2 half-day events. It is a chance for people in business to meet residents of Peterborough Prison, to talk about what they do, how they got into it and to inspire or motivate e residents through a speed networking style event.

Melissa of My Lady Chocolate and Ellen of Ellen Jackson Videography were both of amazing support to the event last year and we were thrilled to see they had signed up to the event again this year, so we wanted to know why – and this is what they had to say.

My Lady Chocolate

Q. What made you sign up for VisionShift last year?

A. Curiosity & to do something good for the community

Q. What did you get out of the event last year / what was the best thing about it?

A.  It was eye opening and informative as to the rehabilitation available for the residents to help them progress after release. 

Q. Why have you signed up for Visionshift this year?

A. To continue to support Hazel and the project

Q. Why should other businesses sign up to VisionShift?

All local businesses should sign up because each of us can help make a difference to someone’s life and surely that’s a good thing to do.

Ellen Jackson Videography

Q. What made you sign up for VisionShift last year?

A. It was just an opportunity that I couldn’t say no too; the chance to help people stay out of prison but also a fantastic chance to see what prison is like.

Q. What did you get out of the event?

A. Being able to meet lots of different people from all different aspect of life, and help answer their questions. It really did change my views. I also really enjoyed the tour around the prison.

Q. Why have you signed up again?

A. I’ve signed up for Vision Shift again because I really enjoyed the opportunity last year, and it’s a great opportunity to be able to help people.

Q. Why should other businesses sign up for VisionShift?

A.  I really didn’t think I would qualify as a one man band, as I didn’t have anything I could offer them, however Hazel explained it wasn’t really about offering them work, but sharing my knowledge and expertise of being in the working world, that could help them – and she was right. It’s also a great opportunity to network with other businesses in Peterborough.

If you would like to join these two amazing business owners, along with some other fabulous people in business sign up now, we would love to have you on board for this brilliant community project in Peterborough.