As you will have seen from previous blog posts, there are lots of different businesses signing up to take part in VisionShift, our community project in Peterborough Prison; from start-up businesses and one man (and one woman) bands to smaller retail outlets, right through to Tesco, Argos and Marriott Hotel.

Marriott Hotel were kind enough to come along to come to our VisionsShift event last year, sending their managers from both Huntingdon and Peterborough, both of these managers have now moved on so we were thrilled when we received an email to say they were sending two other people instead.

The residents at Peterborough Prison loved seeing the wide range of companies at the event, but by seeing Marriott Hotel it gave them hope that even large companies and organisations were keen to give them a second chance, so we thought we would ask Marriott Hotel why they have chosen to come along to the event again this year and this is what they had to say;

At Marriott we pledge that every local community in which we operate will be a better place to live and work because we are there.

In order to do this we look to ‘serve’ our local community, focusing on:

S – Shelter and Food

E – Environment

R – Ready For Jobs

V – Vitality of Children

E – Embracing Global Diversity and Inclusion

Taking part in initiatives such as VisionShift is beneficial to both our business and the local community. As a company we gain a valuable understanding of how the prison residents get ready for jobs, while embracing inclusion. For the prison residents they get an insight into our company / industry and hopefully the confidence that there are businesses within the market that care.

If you would like to join Marriott Hotel and many other businesses at Peterborough Prison for VisionShift on 7th and 14th October then just drop us an email with the best contact email address for the person(s) that is coming, the company name and the date(s) they can attend to; [email protected] – we would love to see you there.