This is a question we have been asked lots recently, since the launch of our social media and blogging workshops. Since early 2014 we have been doing one-to-one training to help clients and new businesses achieve more with their online and social media presence but this has been a new step for us.

We have done a few presentations for various groups such as; March Chamber of Commerce, Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, Digital Destination, Rotary Club and such like. These have been very hands on presentations where we have taught social media or blogging. At the end of each presentation we have always attendees asking us if we do workshops and the answer has always been that we do not – by why not?

If we’re honest we don’t know why not, it was just something that maybe we were too busy for, something we didn’t think there was a need for and maybe, if we’re honest, just maybe we were a little bit nervous about doing workshops.

However, over the months we have had so many clients and contacts ask if we do workshops and we keep passing them to workshops completed by other social media companies. Eventually we realised just how silly we were being. Of course there was a need for social media and blogging workshops – our clients were asking for them, so what were we waiting for?

That was the turning point for us and things moved pretty quickly from then on. We thought about the courses our contacts were asking for and wrote up plans for them, then we spoke to Helena at the Eco Innovation Centre and booked the meeting rooms, dates and times for eight workshops and discussions. Next up we spoke to Gareth of Twenty8Design to design some flyers for us and we chatted with Alex of Geek Designs to set up a page on our website.

And the rest, as they say, is history!