Just look at your Google Analytics of  your business website and you will quickly see that the most popular page on your website, the one the people click on the most, is the About Us Page. It isn’t often the landing page on your website, but will usually be the first page the visitor goes to after arriving on your landing page when they are keen to find out more.

There is one main reason for this – people are nosey! They want to know who you are, who they will be giving their hard earned cash to and what you are about.

If you can put a photo of yourself or your team on your ‘About Me’ page this is a huge plus as you’re giving people exactly what they want – they want to know who you are what you’re like. Have a look at our ‘Meet The Team‘ page for an example of what works quite well, we have used the About Us to talk about the company and then Meet The Team so visitors can dig a little deeper and find out more about us, the people behind Creative Content Company.

As well as talking about your business and how long you have been around, talk about you as a person, your background, what got you into the business and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

This then gives the reader something to connect with which helps get you an early foot in when it comes to building a relationship with this visitor to your website. For example, you may both have the same breed of dog, enjoy golf or have the same favourite holiday destination – each little thing like this brings the visitor one connection closer to you in helping them become a customer, not just a visitor to your website.

If you need help writing the website content for your About Us page or you’d like us to have a look at what you’ve got the you only have to ask!