We are always talking about the importance of businesses having a presence on social media, but in this blog post we will look at why. By sharing some interesting statistics we hope to show you why your business needs to be social.

Hopefully you’ll see these stats and realise that your business needs to be part of this marketing scene – now!

Why Your Business Needs To Be Social For New Customers

  • 78% of small businesses new get at least 25% of their customers via their presence on social media.
  • 61% of young people refer to social media to decide where to go when they go out. They also turn to social media to find out whom to buy products from or ask for recommendations of businesses from friends.

Why Your Business Needs To Be Social For Customer Engagement

  • 27% of customers will check their social media several times a day.
  • 35% of customers check brand pages regularly. They do this as part of their daily activities and time on social media.
  • 27% of time spent online is taken up by social media. That’s more than a quarter of your customer’s time, being spent on social media.

Why does your business need to be social? If you are looking to grow your business, then look at how many new customers you could get through posting on social media. The average business on social media is getting 25% of their new customers from social media alone.

With 27% of people popping onto their social media platforms several times a day, there are several opportunities, each day, which you could be in front of your target audience. It’s all about those little ‘marketing touches’.

They might not purchase from you the first time they see you on social media. However, after seeing you a few times they might click the post to find out more. Overtime you will build that trust with your target audience and you’ll soon be growing your business through social media too.

If you need help getting your business on social media, call us. We can offer social media training so you can understand how and when to post on social media. Our team also offers social media management. This means we post on your social media pages for you. Meanwhile, you get on with running your business and making your clients happy.