We speak to a lot of small business owners who claim that social media doesn’t work for them. On further investigation, it often turns out to be their approach that doesn’t work. For example, a lot of business owners will only post on social media when they have time. This might be the right approach for you and your time. However, in this blog post we look at why you shouldn’t post on social media when you have time.

The main reason that you shouldn’t only post on social media when you have time is because this results in irregular posting. Also, what if you never have time? What if you suddenly have loads of time? Does this mean you will have weeks with no posts on social media. Then, all of a sudden, a week with hundreds of new posts? That’s not how social media works. It needs to be consistent.

As a small business ourselves, we know that time is one of the hardest things to find extra of. After all, there are only so many hours of the day. The priority for you is running your business. This comes way before creating content and posting on social media. However, with consistent posting on social media you could gain more customers and sales for your business.

You need to maintain a regular presence on social media. It needs to be consistent too. This is what will help you build up trust with your target audience and a relationship too. You shouldn’t only post on social media when you have time because that just won’t cut it.

Why not speak to our social media marketing team? For just £50 a month we can post on your social media pages three times a week. This will help keep an active presence on social media and keep you consistent too. Let running your business be your top priority. Meanwhile, posting on social media to help grow your business can be our top priority.