You will have seen our previous blog posts telling you why blogging is so important for business. However, you may not have seen us talk about why you shouldn’t blog for your own business. You might even think that that makes no sense. Why wouldn’t you want to blog for your own business? Surely you know your business better than anyone else? And that is the exact reason why you shouldn’t write them for your own business.

It’s great that you know your business inside and out. Chances are that you know your industry and business offerings inside and out too. That’s great. And if you were writing blog posts for your competitors and for your employees to read, this experience would be perfect.

But you’re not. You’re writing blog posts to attract new people to your business. These people are Joe Public. They know very little about your industry or business offerings. This means that they don’t know what you know. Instead, they need educating.

You need an outsider to write the blog posts for your target audience that are also outsiders. This will ensure that the blog posts are written in a language and tone that makes sense to your target audience.

Our bloggers in Peterborough can also write blog topics and titles that will relate to your audience. We are the ‘Joe Public’ of your business. This means that we know what your audience wants to know about your business and industry.

It’s important to think about the financial side of blogging for your own business too. Think about how long it takes you to write a blog post for your business. Then work out how much you could earn in that time. Our blog posts are around £35 each.

Could it work out more cost-effective for you to outsource your blog posts to our Peterborough blog writers? If you think it will, then give us a call.

We can come up with blog topics and titles for you. Our team of blog writers can write the blog posts for your business too.