There is lots of talk about the right length of blog posts. However, if we are honest, there is no right or wrong answer. The right length of blog post for your business, depends on your audience. If you are in an industry where the audience are used to getting in depth, long articles with lots of detail, then long blogs may be for you. However, in this blog post we look at why you need quick-read blog posts for your business.

A perfect example, if we do say so ourselves, of a quick-read blog post, is what you are reading right now. This is a quick-read blog post. It’s short, succinct and to the point. Blog posts of around 300-600 words are known as shorter blog posts. This means that they are quicker to read. Your reader isn’t presented with reams and reams of content and constant scrolling. Instead, everything they need to know is in the dew paragraphs of the short blog post.

We all have so much going on in our lives. People’s attention spans are shorter too. This means that the shorter blog posts that can be read quicker are more popular. A visitor to your website can read the blog post now. They don’t need to save it to come back to it. The risk with that is that they might never come back. Reading your long and in-depth blog post just becomes a thing that is added to their to-do list.

Lots of websites and social media platforms are now showing the expected reading length of articles too. If people are short on time and see that your blog post is expected to take 15 minutes to read, they’ll scroll on past. However, if the recommended reading time is around 3-5 minutes, you’re more likely to grab the attention of those people in a rush.

If you need help creating quick-read blog posts for your business, call our team now. We can work to your blog post ideas or suggest our own blog post topics you might like too. With over a decade of experience writing blog posts for a wide range of industries/ We can help you with the blog posts your business needs.