You may be slightly confused by the title of this blog post. After all, it’s saying why you don’t want an expert writing your blogs. However, it’s true. The last person you want writing blog posts for your business is an industry expert. You may want an SEO expert or a blogging expert, but we would definitely advise against an industry expert writing your blogs. In this blog post we explain why.

Industry experts are great at what they do. They know all there is to know about an industry. They know all the buzz words, acronyms and latest technologies. This is all great content for a blog post, if you’re trying to sell to your competition. However, if you are trying to sell to Joe Public – the last thing you want is an expert writing your blogs. Instead you want someone on the outside. This way they will be able to write in a way that your audience will understand.

It’s important that you know you are knowledgeable in your industry. But, your audience still needs to know what you’re talking about. Think about when you take your car for an MOT for example. The mechanic may use lots of words, phrases and sayings you don’t understand. You don’t want to ask them what they mean in case you look silly. Instead, you let them get on with the job, wondering if you have been ripped off, unsure if you really do need a carved whistled oogemeflip for your car after all.

By using a blogger that isn’t in your industry, you can ensure they’ll use words and terms that your audience understands. You’ll still be conveyed as a knowledgeable company. But, you will also be a company that your audience trusts because they understand what you’re saying. They don’t feel bamboozled by buzzwords and left wondering what on earth you are talking about.

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