This is a blog post on a topic we have never mentioned before. Yet, free online marketing consultations are something we have always offered it. So, why not blog about it? Because it wasn’t until now that we realised this wasn’t the norm!

When I set the business up it didn’t cross my mind that you would charge for an online marketing consultation. After all, you are reviewing the marketing that the client does. You’re talking about their business, what they do, their target audience and their marketing. Then the client can decide if they want to find out more from your services from there.

However, there is a benefit for us too. When I set up my business I knew I only wanted to work with clients I liked. I didn’t want to see a name pop up on my phone and groan inwardly thinking it was ‘that client’. Instead, I wanted to work with clients who got what we did and who we could build a relationship with.

The online marketing consultation gives us a chance to get to know the client too. While we are learning about their business, we are learning about them too. The same goes for the client. While they are listening to the online marketing services we offer in Peterborough, they are getting to know us too.

This is a free service because it’s like a ‘getting to know you’ session. Yes, we are giving away our time and knowledge for free. However, we are gaining so much more from online marketing consultations.

On top of this, our online marketing services are low cost and affordable. This means that meetings with us need to be affordable too – and what’s more affordable than free?

As the pandemic spread this was a service we took online. Instead of paying for a coffee or tea at our office or the petrol to get to the client, we are just paying for Zoom instead. This means that our free online marketing consultations are still free.

Maybe we are crazy not charging for our time and knowledge in this way. I guess the only way to find out is to book one of our consultations to discuss your marketing. Apart from an hour of your time, what have you got to lose?