When you have a new website built and created for your business it can be extremely expensive. While you want it to really work for your business, you also don’t want to spend more money on it than you have to. For this reason, some business owners decide to write the web content themselves. In this blog post we look at why you should use a copywriter to write your web content.

One reason that you should use a professional copywriter to write your web content is because of the amount of words you need. Every page on your website should have 300-600 words. This is to give the person landing on your page enough information, but also to help Google index your page and understand what you want to be found for, keyword wise. To give you an idea, this blog post so far is around a third of how much content you want on each page across your website.

Another reason you may choose to us a copywriter to write your web content is because they can convey your business in a way ‘Jo Public’ understands. When you are ‘in’ your business, you know almost everything there is to know. However, someone outside your industry might not need all the information. They just want the basics. A copywriter outside your industry knows what the reader wants to know, and they put it in the right language for them.

A copywriter knows what they are doing. In our case, here at Creative Content Company we have over 10 years’ experience writing content for websites. We know how to break up the sentences, what to write and how to write it. We also know how to make the website content SEO friendly so it will help your business rank on search engines like Google.

Unless you run a business like us, you didn’t start your own business to spend time writing web content. You set up your business because it is something you love and are passionate about. By outsourcing your web content to a professional copywriter, you are freeing up your time to do what you’re good at. While the copywriter does what they are good at – writing great website that promotes your business in the best possible way.