We recently sponsored the Unique Mumpreneur Networking in December. Many people asked why we did this and there are just so many reasons. We thought it would be better to pop it in a blog post. So let’s talk about the event and sponsorship;

The Unique Mumpreneur Group

Unique Mumprenuer has been created by Jo. She runs 2 other businesses, a hairdressing salon and a carpet fitting company.  Her goal is to help and inspire other mums in creating their own businesses and believing in themselves. She does this through The Unique Mumpreneur business. This includes networking events, mastermind groups, mentoring, coaching and an online forum.

Unique Mumpreneur Networking

The business runs one networking event a month. One month it is an evening networking event and the next it is a daytime networking event. This is done to work around the busy schedules of mums that are running their own business. We decided that sponsoring Unique Mumpreneur in the evening was the best option for us.

Sponsoring Unique Mumpreneur

To sponsor Unique Mumpreneur it costs just £100. This gives you the chance to have your marketing materials on the table, banners on display, logo on all advertisement for the event and hand outs and you get to do a 10 minute presentation too. This is a huge amount of ‘marketing touches’ to a roomful of 30 plus people in business, for just £100!

Plus you get dinner and hot drinks too!

We took some branded bookmarks, flyers and lollypops for everyone to take home. We had out banner on show throughout the event and our logo and business details were all over Facebook and LinkedIn whenever the Unique Mumpreneur networking event was shared.

Why Sponsoring Unique Mumpreneur Is a Great Idea

The reason sponsoring Unique Mumpreneur is a great idea for us is because the room was full of our target audience. Lots of people in the room ran their own start up, small or medium businesses. They needed a service like ours and we had a chance to tell them what we do and why we are great at doing what we do.

It’s a really welcoming and engaging group of people in the room. I look forward to working with some of them in the future and supporting them as their businesses grow.

If you think your target audience could be in this room then I highly recommend you contact Jo or The Unique Mumpreneur team as this is an awesome opportunity to talk to them!