You may have heard people telling you that your business has to blog, that you have to have a blog on your site and that you have to regularly blog – but why? Why should your business blog?

A blog on our website can be a really useful tool. Google loves lots of things but two of the main things are regularly updated websites and lots of content. A blog on your site can do both of these things, each time a blog post is uploaded that is additional content for your website and each time a blog post goes live this is another update to your site. So, the first reason that your business should blog is because it will help Google like you more and of Google likes you then you will be higher up the search engines.

But what about your customers, do they want to see a blog about your business?

A blog on your website can be a great place to tell visitors to your website about any special offers you have on, you can share testimonials from happy customers and you can tell your readers what you have been up to.

For example, if you were a seller of wedding dresses you could put images of the brides on your blog from their weddings. You could explain the detail on the dress and why it was so well suited to the beautiful bride. You can also use the blog to tell customers that you have new designs coming in next week. This will help in getting them excited before the products are on your site. You can also create individual blog posts to wish each bride a happy wedding day. This works really well as the bride thinks you are really thoughtful and shares the blog post with all her friends and this helps you gain more business through word of mouth.

However, it can be hard to write blogs for your website, there is the matter of finding the time to do write the blog posts and with a business to run, time can be a tricky thing to find. Secondly, writing may not be a natural talent for you, so why not employ the skills of an experienced Blog Writer who can write the content for you?