There are lot of different blog post topics and titles that you can use when creating blogs for your business. We have shared many of these blog post ideas in the past. However, in this blog post we look why should you use questions as blog titles. Just like we have used as a question as this blog title. What are the benefits of that?

People like to respond to questions. This is why we always ask them on social media. It gives your target audience a chance and a reason to engage and respond. Curiosity is a great motivator for a lot of people. Just think about the local pub quiz. When you hear a question in the quiz that you don’t know the answer to, it makes you want to google it to find out more.

Questions as blog titles offer a headline that grabs the readers attention. People like to know the answer to questions. When they see questions, it makes them think. They want to know wat the answer is, or if what they think the answer is, is actually right.

If you’re really looking to grab the attention of your audience, then weird questions as blog titles will work even better for you. It’s all about that intrigue and curiosity. If your readers are captivated by the title of your blog post, they will be more likely to read more.

Below we have shared some examples of how you can use questions as the topic of your blog posts. As you can see, these are interesting questions that will want to reader want to find out more:

  • Do Blondes Have More Fun?
  • Is Your Fire Alarm Really Working?
  • What Should You Be Doing To Shift Your Belly Weight?
  • Could Speedreading Result In You Failing Your Exams?
  • What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About You?

Did these blog post topics appeal to you? Then imagine the reaction from your target audience when you use similar questions that are relevant to your business? Need help coming up with blog post topics using questions? Maybe you need a blog writer in Peterborough to create the blogs for you? Call our team or book an online meeting now.