As with every new aim or goal, many people (me included), throw themselves into the new challenge with buckets full of gusto, sacks full of motivation and tons of excitement… as time goes on the buckets finds holes, the sacks start to split and the excitement starts to disappear. Many business owners and self employed people have decided that they will start blogging. They create an amazing blog post that tells people what to expect from their blog posts and that’s it – there are no more blog posts from there on in. Or, lots of blog posts are written and they’re really good, then they stop, for no apparent reason and that’s it for the next few months until they get into it again.

If you have decided that your business is going to blog it’s important that you keep it up, the data to back this up is unmistakeable;

* Research shows that a company that blogs once or twice a month continuously receives 70% more leads than a company that doesn’t blog at all! Companies that blog five to eight times a month (once or twice a week) can almost double their leads.

* Just fewer than 70% of customers admit to learning more from a blog post or article than an advert on TV or in a magazine.

* Companies with over 200 blog posts on their websites can generate five times as many leads as companies that have ten or less blog posts on their websites. It has also been reported that when a company gets over 100 blog posts on their business website it is more likely they will see a continuous lead growth.

How can you make sure you keep blogging regularly for your business?

* Set yourself an aim of writing a certain amount of blog posts a month, aim for at least one a week to get you started.

* If time or ideas are what is stopping you from blogging regularly then hire a content writer, outsource to a creative writer or use a blogger. They cost less than you might expect and for the time they save you may find you are actually saving money by getting a blog writer to write the blogs for you.

* Keep an idea file or put a notepad in your pocket then whenever you have an idea jot it down. Then, when you have some spare time but the creative juices aren’t flowing get the notepad out and you’ll be writing your next blog post in no time at all.

How often do you blog? Drop us a line if you would like some help to keep your blogging regular!