One of the first things I say to clients when they come on board is that they should get a blog on their website. This is always followed by one of two responses. Either “Why?” or more of the standard response “But I don’t have anything to write about / anytime to write stuff for it”.

In regards to why you should get a blog on your website the answer is in numerous all over the internet, it is currently being said that content is king so the more (relevant) content on your site the better AND Google also looks for sites that are regularly updated and not just left ‘in-active’. Google wants to see regular updates to your website and I (personally) feel the best way of doing this is through a blog. It’s not easy to continually update your home page without customers getting concerned you are ‘changing’ business. The easiest page to change / update is a blog.

All it needs is a weekly or bi-weekly blog post at the same time each week and you’re away 🙂 I was writing content for a client and he uploaded the blog posts on Friday at 12noon every week – after a few weeks he had ten times more traffic than he had before and this was the only thing he changed! I think the proof is there?

No we come onto you – if you are still stuck at the 2nd statement(s) that you do not have the time to write or you do not know what to write about then you have two options, you can try and re-arrange you time to give 1 – 2hrs spare a week and just sit and try to write, but, if like the rest of the world you can barely find 10 minutes in your working week, let alone 2hrs then call in the aid of a content writer (like me).

Freelance Content Writers and Bloggers work in different ways. As an affordable content writer you can either send me your keywords, or you may have a topic / title in mind that you would like me to write about. If you know what you want then tell me, but if you are unsure but just need an update to your blog that’s fine too – I can come up with ideas.

Getting a blog on your website will increase your traffic over time and it will also help the authority and ranking of your website so getting a blog on your website is definitely something I recommend you should consider… but don’t do what so many websites do – have a first post that says “Welcome to my first blog post, blah blah blah, this is what you can expect, blah blah blah” and then 9 months later still no more posts – keep it active and exciting.

One thing some people choose to do is get a selection of blog posts written and back date them so it shows the blog is already active, so then they can just post theirs on top of that and the site looks great. I would recommend this and you could ask a content writer to do 5-6 for you that can be back dated for the last few weeks and then you are on top of it all and ready and active when you pop your blog post live.