Telling you to read competitors website content may sound strange to some, especially those we have met. However, stick with us on this one and you will (hopefully) see what we mean.

When we meet business owners, old and new, we are always telling them not to worry about their competition and what they are doing. Instead focus on what you are doing and continue to do it to the best of your ability. One of our favourite sayings when we get negative feedback from our competition is “Don’t worry about what we are doing, worry about why you’re worrying about what we are doing!”.

However, in this blog post we turn that on its head. We are in fact encouraging you to read competitors website content and these are some reasons why;

For Inspiration

Look at what your competitor’s website content says to give you inspiration. This could be inspiration for the tone and language they use for example. Alternatively, you can look at the keywords they are targeting and consider if these keywords could work for your business and your target audience.

For A Challenge

It’s often easy to get complacent when business is going well. However, it is always good to have a challenge when you are running your own business. Take a ‘real’ view of what your competition are doing well at and this will give you areas for improvement. Alternatively, if you are feeling low (and we all have those days) think about what you are doing better than them. Giving your ego a little boost is never a bad thing to boost your confidence and esteem.

For Ideas

Check out their blog posts and see what they are blogging about. There is no need to read the whole blog post and copy it word for word (this is highly recommended against) but use their blog titles for ideas for your own blog posts. You don’t need to worry that your content will be the same as theirs because everyone has a different style and tone to their writing. We all use different words and explain things in different ways too. Unless you copy and paste a blog post, no two blog posts will ever be the same.

These are just some of the reasons that we think you should read competitors website content. Also, if there is a style that you like then send us a link. We can then write content like that for you.