We have previously spoken about the importance of blog headlines that grab attention. We’ve also shared different topic and post ideas too. In this blog post we look at why numbered list blog posts work. These are great blog titles for capturing the readers attention. They also give you a great layout and format when writing the blog post for your business too.

People read blog posts for information. This is why numbered lists blog post work. Your readers want quick and simple solutions. If you make it clear in the title of the blog post what they are getting, they’ll be more likely to click on the link and read the blog. This will tell the reader more about your business offering and your business. In turn, this can lead to sales for your business.

By creating numbered list blog posts, you will make the content in your blog post easy to read, digest and understand. It will also make the blog post skimmable so the reader can pick out what they want to know and read that.

Internet users want to know what to expect. They don’t want to open a link and be subject to pages and pages of content that goes on forever. Readers don’t want uncertainty. They want to quickly see the title of the blog to understand what it is about and what they can expect when they click on the link.

By putting numbers in your title, you will be informing the reader. You will be telling the reader how long the blog post is (roughly), and what it is about.

Here are some examples of numbered lists blog posts:

  • 5 Top Tips For Your Job Interview
  • 7 Hacks For Moving House
  • 9 Simple Steps For Buying A Car
  • 11 Ways To Find A Great Copy Writer in Peterborough

These are all examples and ideas of titles that you could use variations of for your business. You may also notice all of these ideas have on thing in common? They are all odd numbers. Research shows that off numbers catch our eye better than even numbers. They also generate interest. Meanwhile even numbers create symmetry and are less attention grabbing.

Need help creating numbered lists for your blog posts? Call our team of blog writers now. We can come up with blog post ideas for your business or write the blog posts for you.