Our blog writers in Cambridgeshire are always telling business owners that it is important to blog. Now it is time to back that up. To show why it is so important that a business website actively blogs.

In this blog post we look at why it is important for a business to blog. If you don’t have blogs for your business you need to read this. Or are thinking about stopping your blogs? Then this is a must-read blog for you.

The content of your blog post can be repurposed across your marketing. For example, you can repurpose it for visuals on Instagram, use it in tweets or pop it in posts on Facebook. You could even use some blogs as articles on LinkedIn. Further to this a blog can give you inspiration for a podcase, video or webinar.

There is a lot of mileage available through blogging. Below we have listed just some of the may reasons that it is important for a business to blog.

  • Forbes research found that websites with a blog will have 434% more indexed pages that websites with no blog. This means that your blog pages will be listed in search engines to be easily seen by your target audience.
  • Hubspot research found that B2B marketers (business to business marketers) that use blogs to promote the business get 57% more leads that B2B marketers that do not.
  • More research from Hubspot found that marketers choosing to prioritise blogging are thirteen times more likely to achieve a positive return on their marketing efforts.
  • Research from Hubspot then went on to find that companies who blog on a regular basis will receive 97% more links to their website, than those companies that do not blog.

However, perhaps the most interesting statistic was once again from Hubspot. Hubspot found that 94% of people who share blog posts do so because they think it will be helpful to others. This is so important to bear in mind when creating content for your website.

Here at Creative Content Company we encourage business owners to come across as that ‘helpful friend’ through marketing. This is exactly what makes your audience engage with you, like you and share your content when it comes to website copy.

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