Trying to buy SEO services for your business can be confusing. When you look online, everyone is charging different amounts. There will be some companies offering SEO pricing from as little as £30. Meanwhile, another company could be offering SEO pricing packages from thousands of pounds.

So, why is SEO pricing so varied? Why isn’t as easy to purchase SEO services as it is to buy a loaf of bread? You know how much a loaf of bread is and what you are getting for your money. If you were faced with a loaf of bread in Tesco for £25, you’d be shocked. You would want to know where the price difference came in and what more you were getting for your money. Yet, many business owners don’t know the difference between a £50 SEO service and a £5,000 SEO service.

There are lots of different factors that affect SEO pricing and that is what we look at in this blog post.

  • Experience

The level of experience that the SEO services provider has will often change the cost of the SEO services. A professional SEO consultant or large SEO agency will charge much more than your average freelancer or a student straight out of university. It doesn’t mean they are better or worse for your business. It just means that you will often pay more for a person that is more experienced.

  • Reputation

Just like you would pay more for Hovis bread than the own-brand supermarket bread, you pay more for reputation. A neighbour has told you that the new Hovis bread is incredible, so you pay a little more. It’s the same in the world of SEO. If a company has glowing references and has businesses shouting about them from the rooftops, they will likely charge more for their SEO content and services.

  • Location

As with all things that you buy, prices are always higher in more popular areas. In London and other cities across the UK you can expect to pay more for services and products. It’s the same for SEO. This is because office space is more expensive in the city. The SEO agency then need to up their prices to cover this cost. Whereas an SEO content writer working from a smaller office or virtually can afford to charge less.

  • Scope

It’s important to be aware of the scope and goals of the SEO project too. The more you need, the more you will have to pay. For example, an SEO-friendly blog post is just £40. However, if you need multiple blogs, newsletter creation and social media posting – it will cost more. This is due to the amount of work involved and the time needed for your SEO project.

If you are looking for SEO content for your business, call our team. We know you’ll be impressed with our pricing, as well as our high-quality content, experience and testimonials.