By now it is likely you will have heard of Chat GPT. It is being touted as artificial intelligence. However, we would say it is closer to a machine learning algorithm. That’s not to say that it isn’t an impressive bit of technology. However, technology is only as good as the data used to create it. The data used was primarily crawled from existing website content. This is part of the reason why Chat GPT content is low quality content.

When you ask the Chat GPT technology to create content for your business, it is pulling content already out there. This means that Chat GPT content is low quality content when it comes to SEO ranking. The content given to you by the Chat GPT ‘robots’ can be used as ideas for content. However, if you were to copy and paste the content onto your own website – this would not be good for SEO. In fact, it could penalise your website.

Great content means website content and blog posts that are unique. Written content that is engaging to the audience. The use of the voice and the tone of the business is important for building relationships with your audience too. By using content that has been found elsewhere, you aren’t doing your business or audience any favours.  The low quality content supplied by Chat GPT will lack originality and personality.

The benefit of the low quality content from the Chat GPT technology is that you gain upload more blog posts to your website. However, if they are of poor quality and not unique, what’s the point? Surely it should be a case of quality over quantity. And this is why Chat GPT offers a level of content that is not as high as some. It’s not unique to the business or useful to the audience. It’s just a rehash of content elsewhere. There is nothing that sets the content apart and makes your business stand out.

As well as providing low quality content through Chat GPT, you also won’t be able to get content about latest news, innovation and current events. This is because the technology gets its data from the internet. The internet wouldn’t yet have enough coverage of these things. They are too new for the data to be collected. There also wouldn’t be enough data out there.

If you want to post a lot of blog posts to your website quickly that may get a hit every now and again, then the low quality content from Chat GPT is for you. However, if you want blog posts that engage with your audience and relate to your business – call our bloggers in Peterborough. We can help your business stand out through well-written, SEO friendly blog posts and web content.