As you will have seen from previous blog posts and numerous social media posts, Creative Content Company were active networkers within the Connect Business Networking in Peterborough group. We were members for 21 months and loved Connect Business Networking in Peterborough, the support it offered and the values the group had.

However at the last meeting we chose that our time had come and we made the following statement in our 45 second pitch. This has been something that has resulted in our phones ringing a lot recently as people wanted to know we would leave a group we were such active members of. This is why we would like to share our 45 second pitch with you, to help answer why we left Connect Business Networking in Peterborough.

“Good Morning Everyone,

I’m Hazel from Creative Content Company. As many of you know we offer website content, blogging, social media training, social media management, newsletters and even award application writing.

On Monday we are 6 years old.

This morning I have decided to do something a little bit different.

I’ve been in the group for 21 months and in this time I have worked with 17 clients through the group, I have given just over £7k to the members of the group and I have gained around £23k from the group, recommendations and referrals during this time.

Perhaps more importantly I’ve made some wonderful friends, friends I enjoy seeing outside of ‘work stuff’.

However the values of Connect have changed and they no longer meet the values of my own and my business, so in the words of well known dragons and business experts; I’m out.

I will of course still be on the networking scene, and hope to see you around.”

Connect Business Networking was a great group for us, and as you can see we got a lot of work from the group. However over time things change and in turn the values of the group change.

We have very strong values here at Creative Content Company and after much deliberation and sadness it was decided that the change of values that no longer met our own just meant that our membership had to come to an end.

As with all business networking events in Peterborough, it is important you give them a go and try them out. As the saying goes, different courses for different horses. It is the same for networking. Different networking works for different people. The group was great for gaining new clients, if the values hadn’t changed we would most likely still be there now.

Networking is an important way of gaining new clients for us, so we will of course still be found networking. Who knows, we could be coming to a networking event near you soon!