There are lots of ways to do business. When I first started Creative Content Company, I had a vision of what I should look like and how I should act. However, within my first few years I quickly realised that wasn’t what business was about, for me anyway. I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. This resulted in getting clients that didn’t ‘fit’ with me. This led to me doing business the friendly way.

If you’re looking for someone suited and booted, professional and formal – then you probably won’t be keen on my business. Yes, we are professional. However, we are far from formal. We love what we do, and we aren’t afraid to be passionate about it.

Since the office has moved home again (after 8 years in 4 different offices) it’s likely you’ll see my cats during a zoom meeting. I love that. I want to see your pets too. If your kid pops in, let them say hello. For me, business is personal. I am my business and that’s why I do business the friendly way.

Most of our clients have become our friends over the years. One of our clients was even my bridesmaid at my wedding in April. We also had some of our clients attend the wedding as day and evening guests. Other clients were also suppliers for our wedding. That’s right – on the most important day of my life, I was still surrounded by my clients. This is because we do business the friendly way.

We don’t just want to know about your business and what you do. Instead, we want to know about your why. Why did you set up your business? What are your business goals? What’s your favourite cocktail and how do you take your coffee?

By doing business the friendly way we get to know our clients better. The working relationship is better, and we build up more trust too. If you love doing business the friendly way and want to meet a like-minded business for your online marketing needs – give us a call!